Hey there! My name's Eashver Elango!

Right now, I'm a second-year at the University of Washington studying computer science. My passion is building practical applications on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence.


Past Internships

Research Intern at the Vlachos Non-coding Lab (2020-2021)
  • Produced a novel deep learning model with Scikit-learn that accurately evaluates cancer in-patient risk for cancer-associated thrombosis, surpassing all existing risk analysis methods by as much as 37%
  • Served as main programmer of DL pipeline and heavily collaborated with in-lab post-doctorates to analyze key proteins linked to thrombosis.
  • Presented research at the virtual International Society for Thrombosis and Haemostasis Conference 2021.
Skills Used:
Python (scikit-learn), R (tidyverse/caret with ggplot2)

High School Intern at the UbiComp Lab (2018)
  • Created a machine learning model that converts hand-drawn app designs into a workable app in Android Studio
  • Part of 3 person prototyping team tasked with data mining app wireframes and producing a frontend web application for the ML model.
Skills Used:
Python (Tensorflow), Data Mining, Vanilla JS, Android Development

Past Projects

This Website! (2022)
  • My very own portfolio website made on my own to showcase my skills as a web developer.
  • Built using petite-vue and Bootstrap 5, hosted with Github Pages.
Skills Used:
Javascript, HTML/CSS

Easter.egg (2020)
  • Originally a group Capstone project for my senior year Special Topics in Computing class, Easter.egg aimed to recreate the experience of finding unique objects in your area through the crowdsourcing of eastereggs.
  • It features an interactive map to browse for 'eggs', directions towards those 'eggs', and a rudimentary rating system
  • Built using React Native, Firestore, and Firebase Auth
Skills Used:
React Native, Google Cloud Platform

Discord QuizBowl Bot (2019)
  • A fully functional QuizBowl proctor that can be run within a Discord Server, primarily used for training and practice tournaments
  • Built using NodeJS and Discord's JS API with a Postgres DB backend
Skills Used:

Courses Taken

  • CSE 332: Data Structures and Parallelism (2022)
    • Covers abstract data types; fundamental graph algorithms; concurrency and synchronization; and parallelism. Uses Java.
  • CSE 312: Fundamentals of Computing II (2022)
    • Examines the fundamentals of enumerations and discrete probability
  • CSE 331: Software Design and Implementation (2021)
    • Explores concepts and techniques for design and construction of reliable and maintainable software systems. Uses Java.
  • CSE 311: Fundamentals of Computing I (2021)
    • Examines fundamentals of logic, set theory, induction, and algebraic structures with applications to computing